Pan roasted seabass served on a fennel, anchovy and caper mash

Pan roasted seabass served on a fennel, anchovy and caper mash


This is a great quick dinner party recipe with a real wow factor To serve 4 persons


1 small can anchovies (chopped) 20 capers (aprox) (chopped) 150g butter 1 lemon zested and juiced 4/5 springs fennel chopped 4 x 150-200g sea bass fillets 500g new/small potatoes (skin on but well scrubbed) Olive oil to taste Glug of white wine (optional) Broad beans (optional) (cooked and peeled)


1. Put the potatoes on to boil in salted water. 2. When the potatoes are nearly cooked, season the sea bass and pan fry in 100g butter and a good glug of olive oil over a moderately hot heat. 3. When the skin is really crispy (7-8 mins) lift from the pan and place in the oven (150 degrees) skin side up to keep warm and finish cooking. 4. In the pan used to cook the fish place 3/4 of the anchovies, 15 capers,3/4 of the fennel and broad beans and sizzle with the lemon juice. 5. At this stage you may want to add a splash of white wine, or a little water if you prefer, to make a buttery sauce consistency. 6. Keep warm. 7. Potatoes should now be ready, drain them, add the remaining butter, glug of olive oil, the rest of the capers, fennel, anchovies and the lemon zest and crush the potatoes into this mixture with the back of a fork. 8. To serve: Place the potato on the warmed plate, lay the sea bass on top, skin side up, and bring the butter and oil mixture up to heat and drizzle over and around the heated plate. 9. It looks good if you add a wedge of lemon and sprig of fennel to finish, as shown.