About Nick & Michele

We opened the fish deli in 2004. It was always our dream to open somewhere that would reflect our passion for great local food – and especially great fish.

Nick is a fully qualified chef who began his training in Plymouth , and started working in the city’s large hotels, which gave him a very sound classical training  ( a proper apprenticeship - for instance whole sides of Angus Beef would be delivered for butchering!) He later moved on to the Holiday Inn. At the time the Holiday Inn were buying their fish pre-packed from large wholesalers despite being only a five minute walk from the quay where fish were landed fresh daily!
Though he was only 18 at the time he suggested to the head chef that he begin buying all the fish locally – he was given a budget and began to source all the fish for the hotel at Plymouth fish market. Many of the fishermen we deal with now have known Nick since then.

We've both had a lifetime of experience with food. Michele's parents owned the Marquee Restaurant in Plymouth in the late 60s and 70s which was inspired by Elizabeth David and which attracted local food luminaries such as Joyce Molyneux, Tom Jaine and Sonia Stevenson. Michele later formally qualified in hotel management, but transferred her management skills to fashion retailing and has a wealth of experience in opening and merchandising shops for large department stores.

We were inspired many years ago by Vin Sullivan's legendary food emporium in Abergavenny – we enjoyed many pilgrimages there and also ate regularly at Franco Tarushio's Walnut Tree restaurant nearby.

We've tried to create with the fish deli that special feel for wanting to visit somewhere exclusive and we will hopefully build a reputation as a food destination, a place that is memorable for people visiting as it is for those who live locally.


Nick & Michele

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shop front

Nick continued as a professional chef before joining the College of Further Education as a chef lecturer